Launch of Mindful Luxury Beauty Brand with Mission to Help People & the Planet. 

Eco-ethical beauty brand devoted to zero-waste offers indulgent products for humanity. 


RALEIGH, NC — March 18, 2021 — Today, Bold Life Beauty announced the launch of its e-commerce website and specially-formulated new products. Bold Life Beauty is a new and exciting zero-waste beauty brand founded by two beauty professionals. Its team is devoted to providing an indulgent beauty experience, all while curbing the carbon footprint. Its ingredients and packaging have a minimal environmental impact. The company has produced a vibrant and non-comedogenic skin-care line. Skin treatments and moisturizers are embraced after this unexpected last year of stress. Many people stopped following or are having difficulty finding a trusted skincare routine. Bold Life Beauty has answers for skin fatigue and concerns with products that feel good and make a difference to all skin types. 

"Bold Life Beauty is the brand for humanity," said co-founder and CEO Anthony Shelton. "We believe in love, opulence, and diversity. Our brand stays centered on the spiritual intimacy between Nature and science. We were mindfully inspired, creating Bold Life Beauty for our client's wellbeing and support for the environment. The company's mission is to rejuvenate and enhance the beauty of our consumers who have had an especially tiring year during the COVID 19 pandemic while giving back to help others and the world we all share." 

Indeed, people's skin has been dramatically affected by being indoors with stale air and stress during the pandemic. Wearing masks has also caused some people to experience problematic skin such as blemishes and redness. Co-founder and Creative Director Giannina Ngo added, "Our skincare line addresses an array of skin concerns, and we are confident that you will feel regenerated with our line of clinical-grade skin-care. We respect the earth and all those who share it, which is why we have embedded eco-ethical formulation processes and packaging into the foundation of our company's culture. The experience of luxury is the result of research and constant, objective feedback to bring the Bold Life Beauty products to market." 

Bold Life Beauty has developed a five-step process of luxurious treatment. It offers cleansers, facial masks, toning, and restoring, along with sumptuous beauty elixirs and moisturizers. Some of these high-end products include Magick Tea Face Mist, Foaming Botanical Cleanser, Detox Moon Cream, Mystic Waterfall Moisturizer, Resurrecting Eye Gel, and Revitalizing Elixir. Ngo added, "Nature's geode agates and minerals inspire the rich gem tones found in our branding. As bold, bright, and beautiful as they are, these natural creations result from intense pressure and time, standing out even when fitting in. We appreciate what Nature has given us, and we strive to emulate the beauty of the earth to bring joy to our customers." Bold Life Beauty's makeup products include Gem Dust, Gem Dust Adhesive, Liquid Spotlight, and Trans-Magick Liner. All Bold Life Beauty products are certified cruelty-free, eco-ethical, and luxurious to use.

The company targets luxury beauty and provides a "complete experience" without sacrificing the global impact of which the beauty industry has been guilty for decades. Zero-waste is vital to the brand in saving the planet for the next generation. The brand can provide the utmost luxury expected by educated consumers. Bold Life Beauty is creating a better world and promising future. 

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